Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Inspiration of the Week - Community

We've all been there before. We get that feeling that we are doing too much, we are too busy, we are too crazily jam-packed with activities that we don't have time to think or ponder or contemplate. Andy of a Bright Corner took a step back and remembered how to take a breath during the day. She carved out a bit of time to just sit each day and play. Out of her play came this quilt: Community.

photo used with permission

We all belong to various communities, whether they be large or small, tight-knit or very informal. Andy's sense of creativity and belonging speaks volumes in her work. We think it's mesmerizing.

photo used with permission

Andy discusses her inspiration, creative searching and community foundations in her post about this quilt. It's well worth the read. Thank you for sharing, Andy!

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